In the driving seat, Lanita Idrus is currently Publisher of The ASIA Miner Magazine and Director of The Djakarta Mining Club, Coal Club Indonesia and The Regional Technical Conference; she has been active in the publishing industry since 2006. Lanita’s extensive experience in publishing has enabled her to develop a unique understanding of engineering and of the mining industry, particularly in South East Asia.


Lanita is also appointed an Ambassador for Geo Connect Asia 2020 and comments, ‘’This is an exciting project to be involved in. The event concept sits well with The ASIA Miner's goals for resource management in the 21st century. In mining, there is a plethora of technology companies developing amazing software in this space. The applications of these softwares by various mining companies remain to some degree "closed shop", despite presentations at various conferences."


The ASIA Miner is also concerned with the goal of sustainable and environmentally mining. In this regard, the question of how geospatial technologies can assist with this goal is paramount.”


The link with The ASIA Miner also reaches into the Conference for which a session is being chaired by Ben Lawson, Vice Chairman 2016-2019 of Djakarta Mining Club & Coal Club Indonesia on the 19th March.