The Geo Connect Asia panel discussion, staged as part of the Singapore Geospatial Week+ 2020, was a roaring success and we would like to thank our host and panellists for their expert views. We are happy to provide free access to thwebinar recording, on a limited time basis


Catch the full discussion below: 



About the Panel




New technologies and processes are transforming the operational landscape of infrastructure projects across the region. With new demands on sustainability, accountability and liveability there is a growing appreciation of geospatial tools, enhanced by access to live data and its associated analytics.


 Discussion Highlights 


  • Panellists touched on digital twins and new processes for infrastructure projects and how the industry can adapt in a post-COVID environment.
  • There are plenty of digital enablers and innovative technologies out there. However, unless there is capacity building in the process, we may not achieve what we want to achieve as a goal of project sustainability. 
  • A digital twin or infrastructure project solution may work well in one city but not anywhere else - one size does not fit all. We need to properly define what is a digital twin to that particular city, and what is the purpose. This will ensure if the smart city project fails or succeeds.

Geo Connect Asia is a supporting partner for Singapore Geospatial Week+ 2020, organised by GeoWorks, Singapore Land Authority's geospatial industry centre. 

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