Create strong brand awareness with your clients
Build a close association with the GIS community
Stand out from your competitors
Create a news story for visitors to the show

Create an impact before, during and after the event

By associating your organisation with Geo Connect Asia you are opening up a range of sponsorship options, which can be off the shelf or tailored to your needs.

The main objective of Geo Connect Asia sponsorship packages is to drive clients and new prospects to your stand at the show. They are also tailored to ensure easy execution and measurable impact. There are opportunities for both the largest and smallest companies and organisations to reach their audience at Geo Connect Asia.

At the top end, the Platinum Package includes 72m2 of stand space, a guaranteed conference speaking slot, 5 conference passes, a hanging banner in the hall, extensive online and print exposure and a dedicated email campaign to pre-registered visitors.

Companies wishing to create an impact on less than S$10,000 can book a 9m2 stand and sponsor one of the conference coffee breaks. We are focused on delivering the audience you are targeting and will work closely with all parties to meet your objectives.

Reserve your sponsorship package

The Organisers are offering a wide range of sponsorship opportunities, which include both integrated stand packages and standalone options for regular exhibitors.

Platinum Package with 72m2 stand @ S$68,200.

Gold Package with 54m2 stand @ S$52,400.

Silver Package with 36m2 stand @ S$40,600.

Visitor online pre-registration S$12,000.

Naming rights for the Plenary Conference S$ 12,000.

Naming rights for the Plenary Conference S$ 12,000.

Speaker & VIP Lounge S$ 12,000.

Visitor & Conference Badge S$ 12,000.

Delegates Lunch S$ 7500 per day.

Coffee Break S$ 2500 per Session.

Networking Party on the show floor S$ 10,000.