Thursday, 2nd June 2022
Expert Stage

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Digital Underground Connect

Subsurface Utility Digital Twins for Developing the City of Tomorrow



Gain insights into the challenges that come with establishing reliable geospatial data on subsurface utilities and the advancements in governance, capability development and technology for capturing, managing and using subsurface utility digital twins.



Top 5 reasons to attend
  1. A chance to meet and exchange thoughts with leaders of world-leading national utility mapping projects
  2. Understand the value and relevance of subsurface utility digital twins for planning and construction
  3. Learn about the latest technology for capturing, surveying, and mapping subsurface utilities
  4. Understand the challenges that come with developing and maintaining a reliable map of underground utilities – from people to processes to technology

  5. Celebrate the success stories and lessons learned of practitioners employing digital workflows enabled by subsurface utilities data