About The Expert Stages

4 Different Industry Focus Programme

Complementing the Geo Connect Asia Conference, delegates can now choose and identify the right industry programme to deepen their knowledge through:

Smart Agriculture . UAV Asia . Digital Construction Asia . Digital Underground Connect 


Day 1 : Wednesday 23rd March 2022


Automation & Innovation: the transformation of the global food system


The programme comprises three themes:


  • Innovation to enable a sustainable and vibrant poultry industry
  • Gains from grains: technologies at the heart of improving yields and landscapes
  • Sky to earth: autonomous solutions for smarter plantation management


Coming Soon

Creating a unique ecosystem for Southeast Asia


Drones have become a mainstream asset for multiple industries, ranging in applications from mapping & data collection to the maintenance and management of facilities.

This session explores the latest technologies and applications and how the industry is taking off across the region.


Day 2 : Thursday 24th March 2022


GIS-enabled Smart Construction Processes Masterclass


In recent years, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) has gathered exponential speed such that its impetus, characterised by the fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres has permeated into every sector of our society.

Generally considered a laggard in its adoption of technologies, the construction industry is now poised for change, assisted by IR 4.0 technologies. This has been greatly facilitated by Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the integration of IR 4.0 technologies for the entire construction process, called the Smart Construction Process.

This Masterclass aims to provide insights to the important use cases which can be applied to the Smart Construction process using these IR4.0 technologies. It is targeted for property owners, developers, architects, engineers, main consultants and other construction stakeholders who would benefit greatly from such a GIS-enabled Smart Construction Process.


Managing & developing urban underground digital twins and setting a framework for multi-user co-operation and data quality


The Conference looks at the challenges of establishing reliable geospatial data on underground infrastructures to enable digital workflows for planning, development, and managing underground space and assets. In a series of presentations and panel sessions, experts will discuss advancements and achievements in data capture technology, data collection and sharing, and capability development.

The Conference is led by Dr Victor Khoo, Director, Survey & Geomatics, Singapore Land Authority and Rob van Son, Project Lead, Digital Underground, Singapore-ETH Centre.