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Decision-making in government and industry involves increasing levels of complexity to meet the challenges of a growing population, associated resource allocation and environmental challenges.

At the heart of the ten country Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Singapore is ideally suited to host a regional geospatial industry event. In addition to reaching out to an ASEAN market of more than 630 million people, with an annual GDP exceeding US$ 2.8 trillion, Singapore is committed to developing a vibrant geospatial ecosystem.

Geospatial industry developments in Asia are expected the lead the world over the next twenty years, with China, India and ASEAN playing leading roles. The strength of Asian developed technologies in the fields of AR/VR, IoT, Cloud, Big Data and UAVs enables geospatial applications in the region to make their own tracks. Access to capital for Start-ups is a crucial component in the mix, with several ASEAN grown unicorn companies growing beyond their immediate region. With its globally recognised IP laws Singapore can also ensure international companies choosing to locate in the region are well supported.

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Geo Connect Asia thanks all the supporting partners who have both let their name to the event and communicated the message back to their membership.

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Montgomery Asia combine global experience in leading industries including building and mining with 40 years of experience of launching and running events across 25 industries in South East Asia. These include satellite, ICT and smart cities and AI.

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The Organisers work with media covering the geospatial, location intelligence and unmanned vehicles markets, plus industry verticals. If you are interested in covering the event, a media partnership or receiving our releases please do contact us.

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